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How to trick Heroic LK into Suprize Buttsecks.

Kaiamare, Nov 10, 10 2:26 PM.
After actually getting a solid group to raid together for more than one week, we have bent LK over and gave him some much needed 8=D. 
Of the ten, 6 ranked on WoL (Lont, Kai, Mav, Shanz, Ice, & DP), and 2 more who didnt were above 90% respectively (Corrupt & Sol).
Because Mav forgot the Magnums, and LK is known to have some pretty nasty diseases, I suggest you all go and get tested immediately.  Grats on the kill.
Thank you to Ghost, Kor, Led, Crusher, and all the other members who made this possible but were not there for the kill.  You'll get yours soon enough.
Now on to RS HM and HotT, because shit, we have nothing else to do.

...And the pugs will roast no more.

Kaiamare, Sep 22, 10 3:38 PM.
After yesterday's abysmal 25 'hardmode' pug run, we have decided to no longer host 25's in house.  Meaning, as much as we loved gearing the random scrubs who we carried from week to week, it has been decided to focus more on our 10 mans, and start looking toward the Cata release.  To all guildies, you're now free to fail in the pug 25 man of your choosing! :)

Ghost Reaches 6k GS

Kaiamare, Aug 26, 10 1:45 PM.
Well, I'm deeply heartbroken to announce that all jokes surrounding Ghosty's never changing 5999 GS must come to an end.  Gratz Ghost, you're still a nub, we love you though.  Welcome to the world of no longer using gear as an excuse for shitty DPS.

Short Bus gets his cherry popped!

Kaiamare, Aug 17, 10 1:34 AM.
Our resident token virgin and nubcake has gotten his cherry blasted by an anonymous female in the back of his car.  Ladies and gentlemen, let's give a warm round of applause for Short's newly discovered use for Magnum condoms (right).  Now maybe he can start taking a longer bus to middle school.  Go Short!!  You're guild is here to support and embarrass you!
Censored of Madoran

Censored is a 10 man Alliance guild dedicated to giving the LK a Loregasm. 
Current progress is 12/12 normal, 12/12 HM ICC.
Halion - Zuluhed Server First kill.
Heroic Halion - Madoran Server First Kill.
Heroic LK - Madoran First Alliance Guild (3rd group) Server kill.

"We call them casuals and I'm pretty sure we're supposed to hate them .... < Loregasm >. "

"You people suck" - Little Kaia (3 years old)
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